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In KR Traducciones we strive to make our classes interactive, giving the students the necessary elements to quickly attain their Spanish learning goals.

We aim at creating a dynamic class environment making students feel motivated and attaining the goals set in the estimated period of time.

Flexibility and quality are the key to the success of our courses.

Individual Lessons: Our tailor made training program will meet your interests and learning needs.

Group Lessons: We offer small group lessons to keep an interesting dynamic learning process and also to enjoy this learning experience through the interaction with every student within the group.

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Our Skype lessons allow students to learn Spanish from the comfort of their home or workplace. Students can begin learning Spanish before they arrive in Buenos Aires, and/or continue with Spanish classes when they go back home.
If you are not planning to visit Buenos Aires you can still study Spanish with us via the Internet from your home country.

The classes are given over the Internet using webcams to interact visually and the chat facility is used as a blackboard which allows the viewing and recording of each lesson.

Technical requirements: Internet connection and a computer with utilities to support a video call, a webcam, a microphone and headphones.

Refresh your Spanish gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with the language during the whole week! You will receive, via e-mail, different dynamic and interesting activities aiming at practicing the different skills: reading comprehensions, listening comprehensions, grammar activities, writing activities and vocabulary. All the material is sent in compressed files. This material may include texts, exercises and audio or video activities according to your course and level. The exercises are corrected and sent back to your inbox.


The learning of a second language must have communication as its main axis. Our teaching method has a clear stress on communication. In addition to this didactic purpose, we believe in the power of immersion in a community of Spanish speakers. When students are immersed in the language they want to learn, everything they learn in class applies in different real life contexts all the time. This constant exposure communicates the need for strong motivation and, therefore, increases their chances of learning.

Our teaching method is dynamic and flexible and allows our students to learn the language in a fast and goal-oriented way.

Our training programs meet the interests and learning needs of each student.

Along the Spanish courses, students put in practice the different main skills to learn a language: they work with listening exercises and songs, they practice oral production by means of conversations or role plays and they are exposed to different topics according to their level. They learn the grammar structures and develop the written production through different tasks..

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We distinguish five levels of Spanish: elementary (A and B), pre-intermediate (A and B), intermediate (A and B), upper intermediate (A and B) and advanced (A and B).

Before starting their course, students are invited to take a Spanish Assessment Test to determine their level of Spanish and the right course for them.

Each level covers specific grammar topics to fulfill the main objective of the course: to improve the students ability to communicate and maintain a conversation and naturally use the Spanish language structures.

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