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Survival Spanish for Travellers

If you are traveling along South America and want to feel more confident about your Spanish, this is your course.

Survival Spanish is designed for independent travelers and for people who want to learn the basics to be able to move around through Spanish speaking countries. Conversation, role-play practice, vocabulary development and grammar are focused on each learning situation like: meeting someone, buying tickets, at the hotel, at the restaurant, at the shop, checking prices and more.

The course is intended to be covered in 10 class-hours. You may also take 20 class-hours and complete the whole Survival Spanish Course.

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General Spanish Course

The General Spanish Course is aimed at people who would like to start and/or continue their Spanish learning with the purpose of acquiring a good command of the speaking skills. The main skills are developed: speaking, reading and listening comprehension, grammar and writing. The purpose of the course is to help students achieve a natural and correct pronunciation of the Spanish language, improve their capacity to understand and use the vocabulary and common expressions necessary in the daily life to clearly and effectively express their ideas.

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Business Spanish Course

The Business Spanish Course is aimed at all those professionals, who having enough Spanish linguistic competence to communicate in daily life situations, are interested in acquiring the fundamental tools to achieve successful communication in more specific situations within the business world.
Learning Spanish within a business framework provides the students all the necessary tools to be able to communicate in the following different situations: negotiations, presentations, telephone calls, business meetings, interviews, among others.

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In-Company Spanish Course

We provide a Spanish Program Course for companies aimed at foreign managers and employees of any profession that need the Spanish language for their working position and for their daily communication.

The classes and topics are designed based on the specific needs of each institution.

They are taught on the timetables and days arranged by the company. Follow up Reports and Attendance Reports of every student are supplied to the Human Resource Department or Training Area of the company.

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Conversation Course

This course is aimed at those students who want to improve their speaking skill. The course enables students to improve their knowledge of Spanish through discussions in an informal and friendly way using pre-selected subjects as a backup, with up-to-date materials from newspaper and magazines. To attend this course the student is expected to have a reasonable knowledge of spoken Spanish.

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This workshop will help you improve your speaking skill through dynamic activities focus on your oral production. You may read different articles of general interests and have interesting debates about them.

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Vocabulary words are the building blocks of communication. This course will help you improve your vocabulary in areas you are interested in.

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Verb Drills

One of the biggest challenges when learning Spanish is to learn all the verb conjugations. In this workshop you will practice using the verbs in context and therefore you will be able to master Spanish verbs.

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Movies and Series

A funny way to be in contact with the language. When watching movies and TV series you get exposure to natural language in a non-threatening setting. Movies and videos provide common ground to students of any international background.

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Reading Comprehension

There's more to teaching reading than just slogging through the textbook. Students need to develop and apply strategies and skills for reading in their second language. We’ve designed this course on teaching reading comprehension to help you read any literature you may want.

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When most people think of “grammar” they don’t get very excited. But grammar can teach you something in minutes that might take days to figure out by immersion alone. We believe “grammar” will give you all the necessary tools to continue with your learning process.

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Slang is the use of informal words and phrases that aren't part of the formal language. This includes many swears and insults. Most Spanish courses don't teach slang and many dictionaries don't define slang words and expressions. Nonetheless, slang is commonly used in conversation and is a colorful and fun part of language learning.

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Good pronunciation is vital. It ensures a clear message is delivered and understood. If you want to get on the right track towards producing a clearer, more confident spoken message then this workshop will give you the perfect starting point.

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Spanish For Health Professionals

This workshop is designed to provide students with the language and cultural knowledge needed in medical settings. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary, basic grammar and conversational skills..

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Latin Culture

This workshop introduces students to the vast and rich culture, history, literature and art in Latin America. This workshop is designed for participants who want to get some knowledge on the language, the culture, the touristic attractions and the social reality of a South American country like Buenos Aires.

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