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We are a team of highly trained translators in English Spanish and Spanish English language pairings, as well as in text editing and proofreading.

Our specialists combine their linguistic skills with a deep understanding of the cultural background and subject of the texts. Our team of translators is formed of professionals who are registered at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires and are members of the Argentine Association of Conference Interpreters. They have expertise in a wide array of disciplines and are native speakers of the target language.

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KR offers interpreting services for seminars, conferences, meetings, courses, fairs and travel as well as escort interpreters for all situations.

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English-Spanish – Spanish-English Translations

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers , by meeting their requirements and combining quality, accuracy and speed at delivery time.

KR offers the highest level of professionalism and is committed to absolute confidentiality of all documents related to its customers.

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Certified Translations

Certified translations are done by Sworn translators who are dully authorized to translate legal and official documents. Certified translations are legally recognized as official and accurate translations of the original documents.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

This type of interpreting is the most suitable for large events, conferences and seminars. The audience receives the translation through headphones almost simultaneously to the speaker’s discourse.

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Consecutive Interpreting

As the speaker expresses one or more ideas, the interpreter takes notes for a few minutes and then translates the content of the speech in short intervals. It does not require the use of headphones. This type of interpreting is the most suitable for presentations, big negotiations and courses with a small group of participants.

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Liaison Interpreting

These services are required for business fairs, international trips, meetings, visits, presentations and small events. The interpreter accompanies the company’s representative in visits or informal meetings with small groups of people and is there to assist them in all communicative situations

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Text Proofreading, Correction and Editing

We offer you a service that includes the analysis of the contents, the organization, the cohesion and the style of a text. We also take into account spelling, grammar and punctuation of the material.

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We know about spelling, syntax and grammar. Let our language professionals write your business and professional correspondence and proposals, presentations, brochures, reports, and any other significant text.

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We offer you fast and professional transcription services. We work with Cds, audio and video tapes as well as electronic audio and video files, to provide you with high quality transcriptions on a wide range of topics. You may also want to request the translation of such transcription.

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